Aqueduct Inspections at Ashokan Reservoir

Gannett Fleming/Hazen and Sawyer, JV

New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection
Catskill Aqueduct Headworks Inspections

The Gannett Fleming/Hazen and Sawyer, JV provided the NYCDEP with engineering services for the inspection of the Screen chamber, the Lower and Upper Pressure Aqueducts and the Lower and Upper Special Aqueducts located at the Ashokan Reservoir.

Services Provided:

Site Safety Solutions developed the Safe Work Plan (SWP) for this project. Hazards of the entry into and inspections of the headworks addressed in the SWP included confined space entry, identification and coordination of on-site emergency rescue personnel, rescue and safety equipment required on-site, traveling through the aqueduct, engulfment by water/drowning, lock-out/tag-out of the headworks, potential chemical exposures, slippery surfaces, poorly lit work areas, communications between ground personnel and inspection crews and falls into the aqueduct.