Site Safety Solutions partners with our clients to meet compliance requirements and best management practices, reduce workplace injuries and job turnover while increasing job production through sound management practices. Our goal is to assist our clients in developing and implementing their site- or company-specific program from which management and workers alike can benefit. We offer comprehensive environmental, health and safety (EHS) packages for design, construction, construction management, manufacturing, retail and service industries.

Health and Safety Compliance Assistance

  • Assistance in complying with regulatory requirements by OSHA, state and local agencies as well as ISO standards and best management practices (BMPs).
  • New York State Dept. Certified of Labor Loss Prevention and Safety Consultant.
  • Audits and inspections
  • Training

Construction/Construction Management and Project Site Work

  • Exposure assessments for chemical, physical and biological agents
  • Development of site-specific health and safety plans (HASPs), safe work plans (SWPs) and job hazard analyses (JHAs)
  • Full or part-time air monitoring personnel
  • On-Site Safety Officers

Corporate and Facility Health and Safety Programs and SOPs

  • Industry-Specific Programs and Corporate H&S Manuals
  • Task hazard analyses (THAs) and PPE Hazard Assessments
  • Program Tracking
  • Exposure Assessments for chemical, physical and biological agents
  • Loss Prevention

Incident Investigations

  • Root Cause Analyses
  • Incident Documentation, Reporting and Investigation